Lake Tahoe, CA

Why are So Many Golfers Making the Switch to Yoshi Konyi Golf Gloves?

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" I LOVE My Yoshi Konyi golf Glove, the no slip grip technology is far superior than any glove i have ever tried.  Hands down the BEST glove out there!!!! ''.

5 stars,  Scratch Golfer

Anthony L.

100% as described, didnt have to change gloves all day.

a hot 101 out today but dry glove and hand with the best grip...

Ian M. Arizona

" I'm a instant fan. the grip on the glove is so tacky with the rubber mesh no slip grip (unbelievable).  Great fit and light wieght.

Palmer W. Ca.

I'm Used to using a few gloves throughout a round on hot days do to my sweaty hands .

taking turns with them while they dry out.

I am Now using These Yoshi Konyi Gloves. one Glove All-Day!!!

Best Glove Ever!!!

Criss D.

These Gloves are Magic, I'm hot and sweaty but my glove is dry dry dry 18 holes.  Kray-Z awesome

Dave T.

Can Anyone say Awesome .

Throw your other gloves in the trash.  These are absolutely the best gloves .   

Robert P.